About Iron Shirt Recordings

Founded on the 28th of January 2011, Iron Shirt Recordings is an independent record label focusing on the darker deeper side of dubstep and bass music in the 140 bpm range and beyond. With a broad spectrum of 50+ music producers, composers and visual artists spread in all four corners of the world, the main goal of ISR is to push the raw and quality audio and/or visual projects of our selected roster.

We are a family of warm-hearted artists around the world

striving to deliver meaningfull messages through art

All the artists on ISR, no matter what their craft, know each other and are always thirsty to collaborate and to create the most creative and unique productions. 

About the brand

With 10 years of music releases in our catalog, ISR became a reference in the bass music scene. Each project feels unique, artists surpasses themselves.

Every year, ISR evolves, 

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The ISR roster includes but is not limited to musicians, vocalists, composers, painters, tattoo artists, graphic designers photographers, videographers, animators, screen printers, Goldsmith and more! 


The ISR brand is home made by the fam. Anything we sell is made by the fam 100% from the fabric selection to the design to screen printing to packaging. We are in complete control of the entire production phase. This is  to insure quality products but also to be able to inject a personal touch into our products. 


Each and every single products produced and sold by the ISR family are well thought, conceptualised, designed, screen printed and sewed by ourselves. Only this by itself is representative of what we are aiming for the futur.

Quality, meaningful and homemade products made by the fam for the fam.


CONTENT Manager | Ambassador

Steven Lorenz

Being the primary pole of the ISR fam, he was given ownership of ISR in 2016. Up to this day, he is the cross road of every projects. Filtering and making sure ISR’s musical and artistic identity remains intact for our fans to never be disappointed. Additionally, he became the ambassador of ISR, responding to interviews and pushing the fam forward as much as he can with the help of our partners, promotion outlets, distributors and supporters across the globe.

Artist & Repertoire | Master Engineer

Levi Nicoll

Levi Nicoll aka. L Nix has been involved in ISR since 2018. Starting off by managing our podcast series, he quickly took over the Artist & Repertoire of the label. With time he became the center and forefront of the ISR sound but is also our mastering engineer. This helps in the creation process of every projects we publish and impose to our fans. Levi is involved in the 140 scene like no other, organising the ISR LIVE STATION schedule and pushing the ISR sound in every way he possibly can. 

Marketing manager | Social

George Tegos

George Tagos aka. Digital Monk has been in the scene for over a decade, he currently is part of the ISR roster but also strives to push every artists we have on the roster in every way possible. Constantly communicating with our close partners and promotion outlets, he is on the forefront and making sure our fans are aware of when and what comes out from the fam!

Logistic manager

Vince Lorenz

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Karl Kirt

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Margo Tarna

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