Founded on the 28th of January 2011, Iron Shirt Recordings is an independent record label focusing on the darker deeper side of dubstep and bass music in the 140 bpm range and beyond. With a broad spectrum of 50+ music producers, composers and visual artists spread in all four corners of the world, the main goal of ISR is to push the raw and quality audio and/or visual projects of our selected roster.

Learning and evolving with our own roster, today we count 40+ releases inlcuding 20+ Extended play projects, 12+ long plays without mentioning our infamous ISR compliations featuring 50+ artists alone.

We are a family of warm-hearted artists around the world

ISR is the link between artists no matter what their craft. Our main goal is to create a wide network of talented artists for them to collaborate with eachother so they can create original and unique projects

Roots & Buds

With more than 10 years of music releases in our catalog, ISR became a reference in the bass music scene. Each project feels unique, our artists are pushing boundaries year after year!

1137, Yukona, Wreckage, Grey Sound, Wosui, Wheelton, Warsa, Vince Lorenz, Vibe Emissions, VATIK, Vaqm, Vain, Vael21, TZR, Thirteen, The illuminated, Tallan, Clause, Substance, Submatiks, Split, Lucid Drumming, Slaven, Sick Cycle, SHVPE SHIFTER, Section 8, Satmeka, S.Opress, Rednote, Ralai Lama, Press, Photes, Perverse, Panix, Pacific Numen, Outsider, Outbound, Operative, OOT, Mild Movements, Nourma, Nixsin, Native, Mute, Mungk, Morrison, Moral, Mishva, Mien, Michael Dayne, Lucas The Flow, Loom, L Nix, Kurt Roc Skee, Kikola, Jaswan, Internal Frequency, IDHS, Hunter Reed, Hitman, FORM’95, High Dude, Ghost Note, Gaze Ill, Frenk Dublin, Flashball13, ENL, Zero-K, Dubmentalist, Drooka, Digital Monk, Dark Entity, Darj, Dar Kist, Copley, Chikage, Bass Buddha, B1t Crunch3r, ARtroniks, Arkwright, 762.


General manager | Current owner

Steven Lorenz

Steven Lorenz was given ownership of Iron Shirt Recordings in 2016. He is the cross road of every projects, responsible for ISR’s musical and artistic integrity. Actively taking part in A&R and the creation of multimedia content. His main mission is to push dubstep and its sub genres through story telling and pronounced artistic projects.

Artist & Repertoire | Master Engineer

Levi Nicoll

Levi took part in the Iron Shirt journey since 2018. He’s at the forefront gathering the ISR family on a weekly basis through our LIVE STATION. Involved in A&R, he participates in projects technically and musically to  guide upcoming artists. A real opportunity for them to accomplish their musical goals and evolve in the right environment.

Marketing manager | Social

George Tegos

George Tegos is currently involved in community management and social networks. He’s a passionate, and will push the sound of our roster in every way possible. Actively communicating with our close partners and promotion channels, George makes the ISR fam grow on a daily basis

RequiemDream Catcher3. Split - No Escape (Original Mix)Boom SaluteMorning MistMorning Mist (Reigamortis Remix)MafiaCrisisAmanitaBlubberRhinoTenacious ThemeTenacious Theme (L Nix Remix)Poison