Lohan aka High Dude devotes his life to art and knowledge, trying to express himself notably through music, writing, drawing and photography.

Creative disciplines allows him to take a step back and put his thoughts and reflections in order. High dude perceive music and sounds with shapes and colors (synesthesia). Depending on the sound properties and configuration, more detailed the sound is, more detailed and clear becomes the mental image of the sound you perceive.

High Dude’s compositions are mostly dark, textured bass music. It seeks to totally immerse the listener with unusual sounds and structures, while challenging and reflecting on the ideal and role of art in our postmodern society. While most of the tunes could be played in a club with ease, it’s with the combination of field recordings, Foley work and voice-acting that High dude manages to keep his audience intrigued.

Beside his artistic project, he’s also working on a socio-historical Ph.D on hip hop culture in the United States. He’s very interested in understanding the worlds of art and advanced industrial societies.

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