Originally from rural Manitoba, Mullin’s trip to the 2010 edition of
Shambhala showed him how bass music could bring people together
to create an unparalleled sense of community and euphoria in the
same space. Returning home, Mullin began working towards creating
tracks that captured this atmosphere, a goal that continues to remain
central to his music a decade later.

After a few years of heavy involvement in the glitch-hop community,
Mullin began shifting his focus towards dubstep productions. In particular, he sought to combine glitch-hop’s aggressive, weighty basslines with dubstep’s brooding pacing.

This stylistic decision paid off when his 2018 single “Kukalkan” caught the attention of Florida-based label Psychocybin Deep, who released the track and transformed music from a hobby into a serious endeavor for Mullin.

Internal Frequency’s music has since caught the attention of seven additional labels spread throughout the globe, including French label Iron Shirt Recordings; American labels 57omen, Blackfox Records, Intrepid Audio, Psyndica and Sublimated Sounds; and Canadian label DoYu Digital.

In 2018 he also launched Resonance, a monthly residence at independent music hotspot Cafe Koi designed to give likeminded producers a platform to  explore the sounds of deep dubstep, glitch-hop, trap, and sludgy half-time tempos.

With Internal Frequency continually hitting new milestones on social media as bass heads from around the world take notice, he continues to foster the growth of his own community of followers with free releases, live streams, and layers of slow, hulking bass that channel the frequencies of the universe.

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