Darkness is to space what silence is to sound; the interval. Outsider (the solo project created by Jon Camilleri), breathes life into some of the most animated styles on the low end spectrum of sound.

Exceedingly accomplished and highly competent in his craft, Outsider’s ominous sounds are bolstered by his 15+ years spent as a professional DJ. A shift in focus to heighten his capacity in music production has resulted in a flurry of activity, not unnoticed by the bass scene. Catching the attention of copious masters already well versed and revered, this shadowed and shrouded producer has received accolades from many including Caspa, Compa, Distance, Joker Kapsize, N-Type, Stylust Beats, Thelem, The Widdler, TMSV, Truth (and their Deep, Dark & Dangerous label), as well as Leon Switch. The latter of which hand-picked Outsider as the 1st place winner in the Official Leon Switch Remix contest, which resulted in an official release with Leon Switch himself

Consistently increasing his repository of self-produced works, Outsider’s production continues to appear on releases from noteworthy, forward-thinking record labels. With releases on, but not limited to, record labels such as Gradient Audio, Really Good Recordings, Sleeveless Records, and as well as Southside Dubstars UK, it truly is a testament to the ferocious hard work and dedication that Outsider has become so well known for.

Watch for more from this artist as he inflicts his dark and atmospheric sounds upon the world. So the darkness shall be the light, the stillness the dancing.

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