Iron Shirt Recordings can provide high-quality audio engineering and production to customers around the world. We have been working in this field since 2007 and have worked with companies such as CCP and Balt Extrusion, Game Audio lab and more… By either supplying exclusive licenses directly from our catalog or creating tailor-made productions, we aim to satisfy every need your company may have.

Other than being a record label , we can propose our artists to work with you. We are specialized in original soundtrack production, moving image and sound design but we also cater to other types of work. To create a lasting impression of your project, sound plays a vital role. Our aim is to add energetic and modern sound to your moving image whilst keeping the Iron Shirt Recordings vibe we’ve been promoting for over 10 years

Our creativity, your originality

We provide sound design for video games, APPS, installations and projects. We also compose original sountracks for featured films, long films, animations, title sequences, trailers and advertisements


Project duration: 60 days
Service: Original soundtrack for expansion trailer
Format: 48kHz .Wav
Sound duration: 02.05 mins
Project duration: 29 days
Service: Short Logo Animation + Jingle
Format: 48kHz .Wav
Sound duration: 00.10 secs
The project duration was divided into 4 weeks. Storyboard, Assets Creation, Animation and Composition, Final render. Project duration depends on the complexity of the service.
Project duration: 15 days (short deadline)
Service: Original soundtrack for new map trailer
Format: 48kHz .Wav
Sound duration: 01.12 mins
Project duration: 6 Months
Service: Projection visuals + Jingle
Format: .Mov 1080p / 48kHz .Wav
Sound duration: 20.09 mins
 Visual Artist: Natche

How we work

All the albums, soundtracks to the Iron Shirt Recordings discography can be used to your work upon agreement on the license terms and exclusivity. If you are interested in any of our releases for your project, don’t hesitate to send us a message to discuss the terms and request a quotation.

If you would like to work with us for a custom project: Once we receive your project files, we will brief you on creative directions and influences that we will take and send you a quotation. In order to know about your expectations, you are more than welcome to listen to our existing releases to give us references (Who knows? maybe the artist you’re listening to is available to work directly on your project)

After our proposal is accepted, the first draught will commence. Our clients are always updated on the status of the project and if needed adjustments will be made according to the client’s wishes and feedback. When the first draft is accepted and the finalization is completed, a final render will be created and delivered.

We’ve only had good experiences with our past clients, we cannot wait to work together and hopefully on the long run !