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March 29, 2021
ISR Podcast

ISR Podcast #22

July 25, 2020
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We bring back the Iron Shirt Podcast series with this one… Enjoy the deep and cinematic side of dubstep through a 1 hour mix. Truly amazing by the man Pharaosa who took extra care of his track order and selection.

Iron Shirt Recordings Podcast Series Pharaosa

01 Morrison – Terra
02 Dark Entity – Sophistry
03 Aiko – Artificial Light
04 Darj – Crowd Control
05 L Nix & Nourma – Claustrophobic
06 Gaze ILL – Saturate
07 Internal Frequency – The Summoner
08 Dar Kist – Satan’s Assassin
09 Dead Noise System – Oscillator
10 Dark Entity – Stranger
11 Leon Switch – Heads Down
12 Mishva – Civilization
13 Darj – Red Crypt
14 Biome – Tension
15 Deomon – Salem
16 Kelly Dean – Like Woah

17 IDHS – Wreckon
18 Frequency Dreams – A Taste
19 Kryptic Minds – Hybrid (Biome Remix)
20 Perverse – Subcontinent
21 Imanzi & Mungk – Kapa Haka
22 Dubnium – Dark Passanger
23 Wraz – Vandull B2B Shxdow (Abstrakt Sonance)
24 Coltcuts – The Creatures
25 Dubmentalist – Pipeline
26 Dark Entity – Token(Tallan & Clause Remix)
27 High Dude – Breathing
28 Darj – Ka’Andirah
29 L Nix & Nourma – Demon Slayer
30 Boot & TZR – Perceived Reality

Who is Pharaosa?

Pharaosa proudly represents the underground scene of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Where for years, he was deeply inspired by many of the local artists. 

A percussionist at heart, he was drawn to Drum & Bass, and of course Dubstep, specifically Dungeon. Through this sub-genre, he found the sound that he wanted to be associated with. The deeper he went down the rabbit hole, the more inspired he became. Some of his earlier findings were releases by Darj, Dark Entity, Mishva, Subreachers, Leon Switch, and was eager to share. After years of enjoying countless events, Pharaosa made his debut. After sharing the stage in 2018 at Even Further with Aimerie, and Kryptic Disciple, he was asked to open for Joe Nice, and Ternion Sound at the following Subsequential event. That was just the beginning of his journey into the deep. [to be continued…]

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