IRON004 Ghost Note - Vespertine EP


It was all about the mood.. that shadowy power, that brooding restlessness and tension. Fabriclive 37 changed the game, everyone out there now is just competing to create the most aggressive basslines they can, there’s no magic to the tunes. It’s all about holding back. About having the power, but never using it. About being able to end the world, but just totalling a building or two..

The description of the change in the dubstep scene over the last few years on Ghost Note’s soundcloud page is also a good representation of the sound he tries to achieve, the Tauranga artist who comes from a background of dark garage, ambient and minimal techno roots builds tunes based around the bare essentials of dubstep.. sub bass, atmosphere and scattered hi-hats thrown together. Purposely avoiding the almost clinical over-production favoured by most current artists and instead going for a more raw, organic sound that lets the emotion of the music really show, Ghost Note also avoids over used robot noises and wobbles in his tunes, focusing instead on bass weight and percussion.
With a sound ranging from very sparse meditative tunes ala Kryptic Minds, through to more upbeat Truth-esque skankers and even the addition of more melodic tunes with influences from future garage rhythms, any enthusiast of bass music is sure to find something they enjoy.

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