IRON013 Mishva - Gaia EP


Mishva’s latest EP on Iron Shirt Recordings commences with the title track ‘Gaia’, a reverberant techno-tribal conglomeration of organic percussion and swelling digital synths which establish a shadowy mood to set the tone for this deep bass music excursion. ‘Pacifism’ then picks things up with an echo-heavy sample describing the emergence of a new consciousness which sees the Earth as one organism, complemented by wonderful atmospheric elements which fly in and out above the rolling bassline, invoking imagery of natural (and magical) surroundings. Following upon this is ‘Future’, a cut fraught with booming bass and the snarling utterances of a lurking creature, presumably not of this planet, and not altogether aggressive which begs the question: Friend or Foe? It is stated very plainly throughout, “I don’t know the future.” The final track ‘Civilization’ then concludes the EP with a chilling sample about the corruption and breakdown of modern civilization and the possibility that humans could fail to prevent their own catastrophic downfall. This builds into a heavy roller laced with awesome bongo rolls and a great hi-hat shuffle, dark but not overtly so, suggesting the possibility of either peace or destruction.

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