IRON015 Native - Anaconda EP


UK badman Native has been putting out some of the dankest tribal dubs in the world as of late, and his most recent offering on Iron Shirt Recordings is no exception. The EP commences with ‘Anaconda’, a track laden thick with lush sound design and groovy organic percussion, with a deep sub bass that treads heavily through the mix like an elephant trampling through the jungle. The finely-crafted hand drums, flutes, rattles and animalistic bellows reverberating through this soundscape will transport you straight to the Amazon river, without all those pesky giant man-eating mosquito’s! Track 2, ‘Memories’ is so wonderfully smooth, chill, and light, as if it would float away calmly were it not for the delicate yet masterfully crisp hats that hold the rhythm together. The shimmering pads and watery sound effects invoke for me an image of a feather falling slowly onto a pond of still water that reflects the light of the full moon onto the trees surrounding. Beautiful innit? Third up is ‘Moonlight’, with a delayed mid-range synth stab that echoes like a hall of mirrors through the spacious beat, driven from underneath by a deep, throbbing sub bass that rises and falls like the hills and valleys of the country side. And lastly we have ‘Reborn’, the only vocal track on the EP and a fine one at that. Heavy use of sidechain compression and reverb give this track an otherworldly feel, accentuated by the smooth vocals which profess, “I’m born again.” A booming bassline guides the groove alongside a nice percussive shuffle, making this track rather dancey in addition to being so damn chill. Native has a very well-rounded sound, always organic and always smooth, so check out what this dude’s all about! 

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