IRON017 Mishva - Civilization (The Remixes)


Courtesy of Iron Shirt Recordings, four of the most talented producers in the game have collided to bring a remix release of Mishva’s wildly successful Civilization, off of the Gaia E.P. Hailing from different corners of the world, Native, Darj, Tallan, and Warsa have offered up their distinct takes for a release that is surely worthy of the original.

Tallan kicks this E.P. off with an altogether moody affair. Synthetic shrieks combine with the glitched-out, foreboding sample to paint a futuristic dystopia.
Immense pressure rides the waves of bass and mid-range that bridge the gap between each punchy snare. Incidental stabs hint at a forthcoming progression throughout the first bars of this drop. Just as the anticipation is peaking, a stab straight from techno’s golden age emerges, controlling the mix as energy begins to explode from the speakers.
This drive breaks to provide for an uneasy space. Mangled vocals of a lost transmission break through in a futile effort to provide a final warning before succumbing to the rise of rolling synthetic and percussive rhythms that prepare the listeners for the tunes that follow.

Warsa steps up to provide the next installment in a cinematic fashion. Cryptic scenes unfold in slow motion as the listener is brought back to consciousness by the delicately sculpted pads and percussion of the introduction. As the bass awakens, it smoothly winds its way beneath intricately programmed percussion. Bright rides and hats play hide and seek with a variety snares, creating a perpetually evolving landscape.
The atmosphere, however, is the true showcase of this production. Crafted from murky pads, tightly controlled reverb, and mysterious instrumental hits, a cohesive soundscape emerges to challenge listeners to find a deeper meaning within the tune. This classic vibe is held tight through the remainder of the tune, soothing listeners throughout its final moments.

Native is next on the buttons with a tribal reincarnation of Mishva’s production. The unmistakable vocal sample filters through a soundscape of deep, primitive rhythms and organic atmosphere.
The low end of the drop is highlighted by a heavy tom, which interacts perfectly with the sharp kicks to create a bouncy groove. Above this undergrowth, subtle rim hits cut through the shuffle of shakers and organic movement to provide some sense of order to the developing mix. High pitched calls swoon far above, unveiling yet another layer of depth to this production.
The second drop continues to highlight the percussive elements to the tune. Defined by an intricate wave of hits, introduction of a subtle hat line, and forceful kick programming, this rendition certainly sets the stage for the finale of this release.

Darj drops the needle to a characteristically deep atmosphere that sets an empty, apocalyptic tone, as ghostly percussive elements reverberate through the surrounding haze. Echoes of civilizations that once were provide a chilling lead to the drop, which hits heavy and low.
Warm sub bass swells beneath a stark halfstep pattern, a minimalism that leaves plenty of space for the evolving atmospherics. Shades of their former glory, distant growls flow back in time through the mix. Sharp snare hits fight off a warm tambourine until they are overtaken by the reemergence of the haunting darabukas. All the while, ever present steps of kick trigger subsonic vibrations that hold steady amidst the heightening pace and usher the listener to a break that once again reveals the true nature of this tune… desolation.


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