IRON020 Morrison - Terra EP


For the latest installment in its catalog, Iron Shirt Recordings has turned to fellow New Zealand natives, Morrison. The duo, with a sound signified by pristine sound design and an attention to melody, has stepped up in a large way to provide this two-sider for IRON20. ‘Terra’ eases into the experience with percussive mutterings of organic evolution and the establishment of a lush stab taken straight from the age of analogue. This climate is matched by fluid percussion, which calmly ebbs and flows along to the coy rhythms set by reverberant hi-hats and block hits. Beneath all of this, a solid sub bass lays a reliable foundation for the surrounding bloom; no frills, only pure weight. ‘Rainfade’ immediately picks up on a similar atmospheric tip, with an added murkiness that is typified by a morphing dub delay and gloomy design. This gives way to a relentless reign of percussion as a medley of hi-hats, shakers, clicks, and rimshots provide for a chilly rhythm above the once again steadfast sub pressure. For those unfamiliar with Morrison, this release serves as a perfect illustration of the intricacy with which the duo approaches production after production. – Drooka

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