IRON021 Fenk Dublin - Haunted Textures


Hailing from Rotterdam, Frenk Dublin – founder of Dubstep Rotterdam Records – comes at us with his latest release via Iron Shirt Recordings entitled ‘Haunted Textures’ (IRON021). Boasting a catalog of varied styles, this EP will not disappoint listeners familiar with Frenk. ‘Haunted Swamp’ jumps right in with frightening textures that frantically set off fierce half-step, faux-techno riddims. The space within this tense backbone is filled by murky tides of bass and piercing high register ambiance. ‘Divine’ establishes a slightly warmer character with borderline analogue stabs and reverberant effervescence that brings life to the dark, withdrawn elements within. The second drop is not to be missed as it develops an intriguing balance of depth, darkness, and bounce that serves to tie the production together. Wrapping things up is ‘Warrior Rhythm’, a heavy statement of digital ancestry that falls close in construction to the lead-off from this release. Relying on a spacious drum pattern and aggressive hi hats that fall short of overpowering the mix, focus is shifted to the sheer weight and low-end prowess that this tune offers – certainly not a production for those with weak chestplate protection. All-in-all, an exciting release in the waning days of 2013 and a great momentum builder for artist and label alike as the New Year approaches. – Drooka

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