IRON048 Split - Dream Catcher LP


His first LP on ISR was called “Two Skies” released in 2018 ! Today, Split makes a huge come back with another massive 14 track project! Split always conserved his style but was able to perfect it throughout the years. Watching him evolve puts a smile on our faces, especially when a project like this one comes to fruition.

Three words to describe Split’ sound: Diversity, Distinction, Contradiction. While most of the tunes are made for rewinds, it’s essential to notice their respective counter reflections. From organic to rough electrical frequencies, a strong contradiction takes place. If done right, shifting between cold and warmer tunes can form a perfect blend. We crave for the next big drop while Split convinces us it’s worth the wait. Appreciate the moment, patience, relax, .. a grandiose tune or two before it hits again! A Dream Catcher’s purpose put into a 14 track dreamway vortex alongside re-visited adaptations by L Nix and new and upcoming artist Reigamortis. Keep an eye on him 😉

  1. 01 Requiem Split
  2. 02 Dream Catcher Split
  3. 03 3. Split - No Escape (Original Mix) Split
  4. 04 Boom Salute Split
  5. 05 Morning Mist Split
  6. 06 Morning Mist (Reigamortis Remix) Split, Reigamortis
  7. 07 Mafia Split
  8. 08 Crisis Split
  9. 09 Amanita Split
  10. 10 Blubber Split
  11. 11 Rhino Split
  12. 12 Tenacious Theme Split
  13. 13 Tenacious Theme (L Nix Remix) Split, L Nix
  14. 14 Poison Split

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RequiemDream Catcher3. Split - No Escape (Original Mix)Boom SaluteMorning MistMorning Mist (Reigamortis Remix)MafiaCrisisAmanitaBlubberRhinoTenacious ThemeTenacious Theme (L Nix Remix)Poison