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  • RELEASE TYPEExtended PLay
  • RELEASE DATE13/03/2014
  • FORMATDigital only

Back story

Following a strong 2013, Iron Shirt Recordings has grabbed two tunes from Washington based talent Press to help kick off their 2014 campaign in a no-nonsense manner. Well balanced and focused, both tunes mesh into an immersive, punchy workout. On the A, ‘Archon’ hints of a long lost troupe with archaic strings and choral groans that bring life to an otherwise desolate soundscape. This short dropper wastes no time tossing listeners straight into a tribal gauntlet – rolling percussives drive fearlessly above massive kick-weight as hyperactive hi hats peak for earthly midrange growls that round out this organic stomper of a tune. Slightly twisted perceptions emerge as ‘Enslaved’ seamlessly drops from exotic whirs and grim delays into a dark, heavy dub flex and shuffle. Energy ebbs and flows with the introduction of equally curious synthetic creations before evolving into snare riddim two drop territory. As bass-heads gear up for what promises to be an exciting year in music, Iron Shirt and Press have provided a uniquely esoteric experience.

-Written by Drooka

Amazing reviews

Did you know Press’s full name is actually Pressed For Time? Well it is and it’s because he’s so talented and in demand he barely has any time for himself. This is no bad thing. Especially not when he’s conjuring up next-level space bass jams like this… “Archon” is a shuddering tech juggernaut with pummelling double-up riddims and a lolloping sub message that surges with precision dominance. “Enslaved” is a much darker, moody moment: all breathy atmospherics, slimy sonics and woozy halfsteps, it’s the perfect counter to the uncompromising heaviness of “Archon”. Just Press play.

– Junodownload

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