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  1. 01 Fall Of Light Chikage
  2. 02 First Contact Chikage
  3. 03 First Contact (Wrekage Remix) Chikage, Wreckage
  4. 04 Sleep Paralysis Chikage
  5. 05 Duality Of Man Chikage
  6. 06 Half Moon Chikage
  7. 07 Last Stand Chikage

Back story

“Chikage” sounds familiar, you’ve heard him before but you are not prepared for this! ISR found Chikage a while back and released a freebie entitled “Hope” just to give you a taste of what was to come from this amazing and talented artist.

Two years in the making, “Fall Of Light” is a masterpiece. You will need a few listens to get into Chikage’s mind. His grasp of details, the sound design and stereo imaging on each track was done with so much care and precision, it’s outstanding! A massive melting pot of textures and such large mood board of different genres. Notice blends of deep Drum and bass, Riddim, Futur garage, but 140 remains the dominant one and somehow everything works so well together. Chikage is so consistent, his progression throughout the entire album is impeccable. You will also pick up a remix of “First contact” by one of ISR’s finest artist “Wreckage” which contributes to the Chikage experience. He leads us around his own tenebrous scenery in a world packed of blackness. Chikage brings us where he wants us to be and it’s fair to say, with terrifying ease!

We are very proud and honored to be able to showcase this type of project on Iron Shirt Recordings. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do. Bless!

Amazing reviews

There is a certain level of quality we have come to expect when taking in new music from Iron Shirt Recordings, a level which they hit and surpass with this latest tasty number from Chikage. The title track ‘Fall Of Light’ greets us firstly with a spooky introductory soundscape, with luscious pads slowly descending into some grizzly UKG goodness. This is then chased up with the smooth textures of ‘First Contact’ along with Wreckage’s minimal remix. Next, we encounter the crunchy percussive inputs and writhing bass designs of ‘Sleep Paralysis’ before the tempo leaps up across the gnarly halftime vibes of ‘Duality Of Man’. Finally, the shimmering vocal influxes and sweeping pads of ‘Half Moon’ alongside the eerie rhythmic designs and bone-chilling high end of ‘Last Stand’ see the project out perfectly.

– Junodownload