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  • RELEASE DATE03/05/2017
  • FORMATDigital only

Back story

Levi Nicoll (aka L Nix) is no stranger to the bass music scene with releases spanning back almost a decade, the word “Stumbles” is not something normally accredited to his name. Lush sound design and earth moving bass lines are abundant in his debut on Iron Shirt featuring vocal selections from Ralai Lama & remixes from ISR veterans Tallan & Steven Lorenz and a debut appearance from Belgian bass merchant ARtroniks. If it’s bass your looking for, this release is something you will be glad you “stumbled” across.

Amazing reviews

 It’s a perfect match; the dubwise sonic filter of L NIX is perfectly suited to what Iron Shirt Recordings have been focusing on for quite some time, and it makes this one of those releases that feels painfully right from the first moment it landed on our charts. The opening “Stumbles” lays out a clear and effective blueprint for the sort of shady, heavily moody bass vibes that follow on the subsequent 9 slabs of heartical drum-beating and hertz-morphing. “The Rift” is another peak moment on here, its stepping dub breaks guided by the subtle rap poetry of Ramai Lama, not to mention the grainy picture painted by “Viceroth”, or the cold, ear-shaking artillery of percussion that’s unleashed on “Bandits”. If you like you step to be on the heavily dubby side then look no further than this sublime slice of dance sci-fi.

– Junodownload

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