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  • RELEASE TYPEVarious Artists Compilation
  • RELEASE DATE02/06/2015
  • FORMATDigital only

Back story

The latest compilation from our good friends at Iron Shirt Recordings is another murky affair. The release features a number of cuts that define the imprints’ progressive take on bass music. Their French signee (and FKOF fam) Darj fools around with multiple (almost alienated) elements that lean towards the realm of darkness. New Zealand’s Tallan and Dark Entity collaborate to take a similar route; tweaking all their combined efforts into one perfect, sinuous entity that strikes without remorse. The chilled Low Pressure by our dudes Morrison reaches out to the old-school Kryptic Minds vibe – one much loved by our scene. Arkwright applies his own signature sound to a techy half-step beat pattern, creating a subterfuge of fury that looks to control of the weak-minded. With this release, Konsida, ISR headhoncho, has revealed his thoughts for what’s set to be ISR 2.0 – and we’re damn excited…”

-Written by FatKidOnFire

Amazing reviews

New Zealand sub selectionists Iron Shirt come correct with another floor-melting compendium of forward-thinking dubstep creations. Delivered three years after their debut collection, this set unites the label’s most familiar faces with brand new family members as we poke, prod and provoke the darkest corners of bass music’s underbelly. From the swampy lollops and soaring vocals of Arkwright’s “Avalon” to Tallan’s synth-struck, star-gazing “See Them” to the abstract drum structure and mesmerising sound design of Mute’s “Predator”, each track is testament to Iron Shirt’s curatorial strengths and future-focused vision.

– Junodownload

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