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  • RELEASE TYPECompilation (Various Artists)
  • RELEASE DATE28/09/2017
  • FORMATDigital only

Back story

This is the third edition of our ISR compilations, featuring artists from all around the globe.
From Nourma & Vaqm slow pace distorted leads to Yukona & Hunter Reed dub experimental inspired by cinematics and live recordings, forth 8 tracks forming an enigma in which the listeners eventually dive into, going off the deep end.
Michael Dayne is making his first appearance on the label with a powerful intriguing low-tone sequence,
aswell as Chikage initiating a flow in a vast reece space leading the crows for a journey into pure darkness.
The selection Includes tracks from Iron Shirt Veterans Split, L Nix and Dark Entity.

Amazing reviews

Iron Shirt Recordings continue their fine form, a burst of activity which has seen them grow from fledgling dubstep collective to game-defining future-bass. This, right here, is the third instalment of the deadly Iron Shirt series, a time for recollection and unity among their catalogue’s fine roster. You won’t find any wobble-bruisers in here, the majority of the 8 tracks are taken up by slow-burning, cavernous bits of cerebral beat music for those wishing to meditate on some deep-as-hell bass-weight. Tunes form the likes of Split, Chikage, L Nik and Dark Entity are some of the best examples of the deeper end of the bass spectrum that we’ve heard this year, and we’re fully confident that Iron Shirt will continue to evolve their sound with the objective of dominating this corner of the scene. Recommended!

– Junodownload

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