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  • RELEASE TYPEExtended Play
  • RELEASE DATE22/08/2014
  • FORMATDigital only

Back story

Gaze Ill is back with another mind-eating EP, expanding what’s slowly becoming his signature sound with the opening track Moment of Prophecy. The tune reveals the direction the producer is taking; with his use of monotone growls upping the raw factor. Its follow-up, Detached, sneaks in from behind, giving the listener a feeling of complete misanthropy, submerged in the tight percussion, constant b-line pressure and a lost horn that fires sporadically. With Superior, the Danish producer makes way for another half-step production, reaching a state of sublime quality while exploring all pathways towards extreme, yet effective, minimalism. The wobbles evolve around a rhythmic tale that arises from the surprising drum work, confirming a perfection of depth. Saturate appears as EP closer, completing the EP with a cold vibe combined with fitting and haunting atmospherics. We’ve had our eyes on Gaze Ill and with the Moment of Prophecy EP, the producer has created a standout release to add to his already respectable back catalog. Combine the release with the amazing team behind Kiwi Island’s Iron Shirt Recordings and you have a recipe for guaranteed success…

-Written by FatKidOnFire

Amazing reviews

Cue Line co-founder and all-round Danish dub demon Gaze Ill steps up to Iron Shirt for a four-pack of momentous darkness. The first thing that strikes you about the title track is the tightly sprung subby kicks that play the consummate bouncy ball beneath heavy pressure pads, creating a natural groove with carefully placed minimal elements. Deeper again we hit “Detached” where an array of bass textures await; from the more bulbous bubbles to nastier tears and sneers, they ooze from the speakers while a solid drum arrangement ploughs through the sad atmospherics. Elsewhere “Superior” tells a tale of cavernous dynamics as the elastic bass twists itself in every direction. Finally we hit “Saturate”: Perhaps the most dancefloor tuned of the set, this more than lives up to its name. Just crank up your sub and listen to that low-end.

– Junodownload

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