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One of the most talented upcoming artist you will hear more than once this year, Canadian newcomer IDHS delivered Iron Shirt Recordings a breath taking piece of art set on a golden platter. The E.P titled “Mutated” is not only his debut on Iron Shirt Recordings but also the first tracks he produced under the IDHS alias.

“Mutant” makes it very clear there wont be any compromise. A perfect build alongside a precise unsettling soundscape mixed up with raw dark atmospheric emotions. A neck breaker when it comes to “Wreckon” that will totally lose your countenance, the composure of your feelings will disintegrate alongside your ability to stand up straight. From the first baseline forward, you are overwhelmed by a stomping sub and a spectacular hollow reverb on the reeses. Continuing the moment, the Iron Shirt Veteran and A&R figure L Nix overwhelmed us by taking on and delivering a remix to compliment the original piece and bring it into another dimension. “Nightvision” leaves us all rolling indefinitely into the dark, with an unsettling feeling. Finishing off the E.P is “Neuro Bender”, a groove to shift weight while purging a flawless flow of cohesive frequencies.

Pick your weapons of choice, each piece of art is a dangerous composition of fearless sounds presented over a period of time.

Amazing reviews

Right about now we are ready to dive into yet more heavyweight dubstep flavour from the Iron Shirt Recordings camp, who touch down alongside the futuristic sounds of IDHS across five tracks of pure power. We kick off with ‘Mutant’, a choppy swamp fest, dripping in grizzly bass energies, which is followed up quickly by the demonic marches and system-ready subs of ‘Wreckon’. Next, L Nix gets involved on remix duty, adding a tasty new spin to ‘Wreckon’ before IDHS is set loose again across the muddy synth slaps of ‘Nightvision’ and dungeon-style drum expansions of ‘Neuro Bender’. Awesome stuff!

– Junodownload

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