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Nowadays we live in a very busy, noisy culture that can make us feel very bombarded in our everyday lives. That’s why everyone needs compensation.

Outsider and L Nix! The Combination stands for unique sounds in deep dubstep; characteristic growls, cut through reeces, defined sub weights, pads, melodies and atmospheres perfectly textured and layered to heal your mind, body and soul, arising, transforming and awakening your inner spirit.

Music made from the heart, delivered from one soul to another through sound waves, a music project to open up your five human senses. Along the journey label head Steven Lorenz & Iron Shirt Recordings representative Internal Frequency deliver reinterpreted visions through remixes that continue your musical experience. Eight pieces of sculpted art represent the Extinction E.P. curated and delivered to you from Iron Shirt Recordings.

Amazing reviews

Now what a selection we have here from L Nix & Outsider, two heavyweight faces in the dubstep community who have linked up here to provide us with an absolute madness, courtesy of Iron Shirt Recordings, who just so happen to be smashing it themselves. We kick off with a look at L Nix rolling out solo on the gnarly LFO flexes of ‘Gravity Distortion’, before the pair leap into four potent collaborations, with the lethal reese bass structures of ‘Extinction’ and the spacious arrangements of ‘Seam Splitter’ being the two stand outs tracks. As well as this ‘The Fallen’ faces a hefty makeover from Internal Frequency who rejigs the track into a bubbling ball of spacey goodness.

– Junodownload

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