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  • RELEASE DATE06/06/2019
  • FORMATDigital only

Back story

This one is exceptional, after two years of production process tailored for ISR, The french producer Dubmentalist has created a Dubstep album full of real instruments, original and self recorded samples. Without a doubt, “Planetoid“ is a high quality album for all Dubstep fans.
Every bit of this project was conceptualized, written and put into action in a controlled manner. There are a few key elements to take in consideration while listening to this album in order to understand Dubmentalist’s overall musical vision.

First and foremost, the continuous intriguing and catching melodies, most of the time covered by a distinct future sound which in some way rings indifferent to a native instrument. These patterns sustains the progression of the album and undeniably defines the style of Dubmentalist. Whilst invariably floating in a neutral environment, darkness always takes over which unfailingly captures the listener’s attention.

Although he maintains a human/acoustic touch to his production, it’s in a grandiose behavior that Dubmentalist drives us into his perception of deep space exploration. A big melting pot of melodies, tribal percussions, deep bass, strong mid reeces, well organised and constantly reaching the end goal. It’s with care and attention to details that we can grasp onto this journey.

We are proud to add this to our growing discography, representing this as one of the stand out LP’s we have put out to date. From the serious stomping vibes of “Murdera“ to the halftime chill sounds of “Shadows“ over to the conga grooves of “crossroads“ as well as the spacey melodies in “Recycled“ this one just shows the love and passion for the genre by Dubmentalist. Teaming up with the ISR Generals L NIX, Flashball13, 1137 and Split for the remixes that definitely spices up the project.

-Written by Steven Lorenz

Amazing reviews

Iron Shirt Recordings have had some impressive drops in recent times, with this latest selection from Dubmentalist being the cherry on the cake as we are treated to fourteen fantastic tracks across the course of the album. From the tribalistic dubby tones of ‘Pipeline’ and ‘Murdera’ to the more stripped back, metallic twists of ‘Monday’, this album really showcases the depth of dubstep as an extended genre perfectly. We are also treated to four awesome remixes, as we see the likes of L Nix, 1147, Split and Flashball13 all join the team as they express some fantastic rethinks. Excellent stuff once again on this one from the Iron Shirt team.

– Junodownload

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