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  • RELEASE TYPEExtended Play
  • RELEASE DATE04/12/2015
  • FORMATDigital only

Back story

New Zealand imprint Iron Shirt reach out to Germany and snag three diverse tracks from Split for his debut on ISR. The title track “Rockaz” leads you in one direction then slaps you hard in the face with another. Big sludgy basslines, deep kicks & subtle synths all blended into a true grimy dancefloor skank out of a tune. “Land Of Origins” takes the listener to another continent all together, with delayed high end and light toned basslines echoing over crisp synth stabs this is one for the deep thinkers. “Lock It Down” features well programmed drum patterns stuttering over clever synth and bass stabs to pull the listener into a sense of continuous movement. Large.

Amazing reviews

Dub master Split likes to take his time, preferring to concentrate on richly textured slow burners than quick fix gimmicks. Here we get three totemic beasts, all boasting his trademark full and tough finish. “Rockaz” is a throbbing dub-hop headnodder, “Land Of Origins” features stoned wobbles of bass and tropical synth noises before “Lock It Down” hammers it down with plenty of menace, pent up anxiety and bare beatbox action.


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