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“Drooka, a young up-and-coming bass music producer from the USA, will soon release a 4-track EP on NZ’s Iron Shirt Recordings. The title track ‘Rood’ is a minimal heavy-stepper with sparse but reverberant percussion and a crushingly thick sub that doesn’t truly take off until the 2nd drop, which is characterized by a dope-ass bassline worthy of the tracks vocal sample: “It’s called bass culture”. ‘Grail’ has an awesome introduction featuring some unique rhythmic inclusions which are accented well by the pads and effects, coalescing into a mystical and intriguing soundscape — one of my favorites on the EP. If the atmosphere wasn’t enough, the big bassline gives plenty of muscle to this track and is still melodic enough to work well as a tension-releaser in some sets. ‘Bandulu’ keeps with the sub-oriented minimalist philosophy that characterizes Drooka’s sound, focusing more on sheer bassweight and subflex to drive the groove while midrange synths and even drums take on a less prominent role, although the tambs, clicks and punchy snare provide a great movement and suitable backbone to the track’s chill but solid rhythm. Last up is ‘Amun’, named after an ancient Egyptian deity and carrying that sense of archaic mysticism, dark but not excessively so. Like the exploration of a forgotten tomb, there is tension and the imminent possibility of danger, although nothing truly threatening has surfaced (yet?). Deep bass is the name of the game on this EP and Drooka has compiled a nice set of tunes for his first release on ISR.”


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