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‘Sentimental’ creates a mental escapade, pushing the listener away from the comforting realm of familiar perception. Delayed drones infiltrate the mind, establishing a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the production. As far as we’re concerned, this an excellent opening to the EP. The reoccurring low end patterns hypnotise and strangle simultaneously, adding power to the ongoing delay that works in favour of this short but emphatic track. It showcases the relatively unknown Vain’s ability to create an intriguing audial experience…

‘Eagle’ opens with a subtle flute that combines with a synth to create a confident, explorative sound. These very organics may remind the listener of birdsong; a nest of clouded high end frequencies that fly around accordingly. Accentuations are applied through thoughtful placement of the percussive elements involved, which are panned to widen the stereo image of ‘Eagle’. Vain pushes the limits with soft hits, bumps and few rides to get his signature sound across. We look forward to hearing more from this producer…”

Written by FatKidOnFire 

Amazing reviews

Smoggy sonics from the heart of Rajasthan; Vain makes his debut on trusted depth source Iron Shirt. “Sentimental” is as cloying as its name suggests; dense fog and heat-tugging chord changes thrust through the mist with the help of a funky, almost trap-informed kick arrangement. “Eagle” is a more stripped back affair where Vain’s Indian signature is felt heavily in the percussive patterns, providing a warm groove that belies the icy pads. A consummate debut, check Vain’s glory today.

– Junodownload

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