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  • RELEASE DATE24/01/2019
  • FORMATDigital only

Back story

Iron Shirt veterans and duo Dark Entity from New Zealand confirms they can still deliver first class sequences with a huge 14 track LP specially shaped for the ISR fam. This is not your casual sound swipe of the day, it’s a statement. Dark Entity holds true to the roots of the genre which has gone through much controversy and history over the last 10 years. In the course of 45 minutes, the doublet navigates through most of the variations dubstep has to offer. You will find yourself in a realm of familiar frequencies, steadily surprised and eager to hear the following track. To make you understand all the nonsense true heads have been coping with for years, we decided to bring you the best in our inventory to deliver the core principles of the 140 characteristics and sound. Old timers Tallan, Clause and L Nix get into the conversation for a brief moment, engaging as true mentors. Wreckage contributes with perspective and depth on the subject while new comer 1137 shows up with an honest and straightforward allegation. This is where your sophistry ends. Listen, analyse and pass it on to your peers.

-Written by Steven Lorenz

Amazing reviews

It’s safe to say that Iron Shirt recordings are a force to be feared within the ever expanding plains of modern dubstep, with this brand new album from Dark Entity being their kick start into 2019. As far as dubstep album’s go, this one packs everything you would want, from the spooky piano textures of ‘Myth’ to the minimalist sub warbles of the title track ‘Sophistry’ and reesey atmospheric pressures of ‘Token’. Armed with remixes from 1137, Wreckage, L Nix and Tallan & Clause, this is a project we recommend you find some time in your day to experience in long play, as the journey from start to finish is something truly exceptional. Highlights for this one include the stuttered drum slips of ‘Antidote’ and haunted tones of ‘Dusk’.


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