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  • RELEASE TYPEExtended Play
  • RELEASE DATE31/10/2019
  • FORMATDigital only

Back story

From Canada, Internal Frequency’s first appearance on ISR with a 5 track EP dubbed ‘Summit’, ebbs and flows with heavy neuro influenced sounds mixed with the deep aspects of dubstep. This project will make you pull the bass face every time. Cracking with the title track ‘Summit’ dragging tuvan throat vocals underneath all the other components to buff the hard hitting pluck bass. With multiple melody elements connected to a dark atmosphere in ‘S.B.S.F’ and ‘Portals’, it’s a cruise you’ll never forget as it transitions to ‘Cloak & Dagger’. The murky reeses and the knocking bass stabs sound design, shaping up this unique mechanical groove defining Internal Frequency’s style. Closing up with the track ‘Soothsayer’, full of double time dynamic hihat patterns bouncing through your speakers, this one is my personal favorite. The dark atmosphere blends so well with the melancholic melody. The sound design all along the bridge is just pure m1nt! To keep it a Canadian product and to reach the next level, ISR veteran L Nix contributed to the project and delivered a very imposing and hefty remix. Hope you enjoy this EP as much as we do!

-Written by Alf Meier

Amazing reviews

For this latest dubstep outing from the Iron Shirt Recordings team, they enlist the highly sought after sounds of Internal Frequency, who does not disappoint across five storming original creations. We kick off with the angry bass ramps of the title track ‘Summit’, which really does set the tone for the rest of the project, with L Nix rapidly responding on remix duty. The next original takes the name ‘Portals’, and employs asian musical themes with great effect, with the dungeon-ready bass warbles of ‘S.B.S.F’ providing quite a kick. Next, we hear the choppy drum shuffles and subtle bass tones of ‘Cloak & Dagger’ come into play before the evil, insectoid synthesizer slides of ‘Soothsayer’ calls time on a memorable project!

– Junodownload

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