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The great Canadian Bass talents L Nix and Outsider put together an outstanding, deep, dark and heavy E.P titled The Land Of Ruin, which Iron Shirt Recordings will immortalize on there first 12“ cut to Vinyl, because this one should stay forever, everlasting!

Starting with the title track, The Land Of Ruin sets the standard and momentum of what will follow, a high quality atmospheric, dungeon esc presence with gritty mid tones and unforgiving reece melodies.
The remix by veteran Leon Switch (formerly of Kryptic Minds) delivers his signature sounds while progressing through sub pumping, mid range frequencies that delve into another dimension of darkness.

Destroying Acheron (LV-426) lets a story unfold through sound. The opening sequence begins, atmospheres, melodies and bass start to progress through time, these events start to unfold with the introduction of a fearful reece that drives the song into the main chapters.

12 Hours To Darkness introduces a hypnotic melody alongside chords and weighty subs. As the title implies, the song begins on a lighter note that gets overtaken, the creatures come out to play, the sirens of the night are out, the intensity grows, the Darkness has taken over.

Finishing of the E.P is City Of Sins. Fueled by the introduction horns, that lead the song and continue to add to the distance that separates good from evil, its the perfect way to end this story, the story of the “Land Of Ruin”, a world with no answers… Bring up them this day of evil, destroy them; destroy them…

Amazing reviews

@iron-shirt-recordings, the label residing under the equator of Dubstep land, moves into their hefty, inaugural vinyl release. It welcomes a gnarly collaboration between @outsider-inside and @lnix, twisted into a raw remix by one of our scene’s favourites @leon-switch. ‘Land of Ruin’ is a stone cold growler, so we hope you’re prepared for warfare.

‘IRON038’ is set for both a physical and digital release from 26/09/2019 onwards. Make sure to hit the buy-link attached to support and bag this heavy release for your ever-growing vinyl collection…

– Fatkidonfire

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