“French producer Darj is really making a name for himself this year, not least of all through his latest offering on Iron Shirt Recordings, the ‘Crowd Control EP’. The title track ‘Crowd Control’ is outlined by wonderfully crisp percussive elements such as frosty rattles and chimes which reverberate through the treble spectrum, as well as a deep sub-bass drone that flows calmly through this meditative sound-scape like a tranquil river at midnight. Following this is ‘The Island’, a chill but slightly more upbeat number with booming kicks that drive the rhythm underneath distant pads and other mid-range effects both organic and technological, topped off by the finely-crafted treble inclusions that characterize Darj’s productions. ‘Raven’ is probably my favorite cut on the EP, a lush although somewhat minimal track with a great hi-hat shuffle and a dry, hard-hitting snare that cracks perfectly over the head-nodding rhythm while atmospheric undulations ebb and flow through the sonic environment like a dark rainforest. The final track ‘Mercury’ concludes the release on a note similar to how it began: extremely chill, meditatively deep, rich in ethereal effects and imagery-invoking atmospherics, dark and organic, subtle and refined. Keep an eye on this guy and expect to see more quality releases from Darj in the near future!”

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