[TZR – Ceres]

The deep soundscapes produced by TZR bring your ears around something, which might sound more dangerous than believed at first. By keeping the intro quite mysterious and hollow, he managed to create an intense, bass-driven half-stepper that will get you meditating. The melodies and atmosphere are ice-cold, giving you a burning sensation if you decide to focus and listen carefully.

The intense synth leading you through the track becomes quite a story, and gets you locked into a tunnel vision if you focus too much – there’s no way around it. With carefully chosen minimalistic percussive elements, and deep low-end that will shake up your inner organs, TZR has created another monster. One warning: ‘Ceres’ might haunt you down if you manage to forget this very underrated, oblivious producer from the US!

[TZR – Mentalics]

‘Mentalics really reaches out to an even deeper realm compared to ‘Ceres”, where organic and continuously morphing high-end really grabs the listener’s ears. The intensity and quality of the ‘horrific’ samples used really characterize this as a dangerous production, pushing boundaries without a clear ending in sight. From razor sharp synths, to ghost-like sounds chasing you down the rabbit hole: TZR has stepped up his game to get you stuck in time.

As the minimalistic percussive front continues to sneak into the inner core of the mind, the massive resonating low-end will take apart your chest plate. Journey-wise, this twisted production is definitely one of those tunes you can get easily lost in. The destructive yet overwhelming force really makes ‘Mentalics’ an instant killer. With this added to TZR’s arsenal, there’s literally nothing that will stand in his way to tear up anything he finds – just watch him do it.

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