“Thirteen, hailing from the Netherlands, is the latest artist to provide a uniquely deep sound on New Zealand based imprint, Iron Shirt Recordings. Judging by the title, 3.13 am, one could expect a release that brings listeners to the darkest of depths. The title track wastes no time delivering this vibe, as it immediately thrusts listeners into a ‘middle of the night’ mindset with a menacing atmosphere that would not be out of place in a horror film, before dropping a heavy-stepping beat accompanied by carnal percussion that is sure to move dance floors. The Illuminated follow up with a minimal take on 3.13 am. Sparse, delay driven rhythms flow above the weighty sub movement and spacious atmosphere, creating a perfect percussive groove that grows to resemble the original in style throughout its techy second drop. Next up is Enigma, which escalates quickly from eerie soundscape into a heavy production driven by distorted bass and a seething snare. These elements are given room to breathe and develop throughout as they are teased by sections of stripped down pressure, which add further anticipation to this already tense tune. Things To Come wraps up the EP with a futuristic meditation. A heavy, metallic snare keeps listeners from losing themselves within the gigantic, pulsing sub-line below. Fleeting reverberations and percussive elements escape this abyss, creating an organic atmosphere that puts a well-rounded stamp on this release. Thirteen is one to keep an eye (and ear) on as the year progresses, as he has proven his versatile skill set within the deep sound on this EP.”  – Drooka 

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