We start the year strong with a remixed version of our previous compilation Volume 3 which featured artists Nourma, Vaqm, Split, Yukona, Hunter Reed, Michael Dayne, Chikage, L Nix, Dark Entity.
A warm welcome to the new artists and producers! OOT, Kikola, Photes, Rednote and Wheelton! They also pitched in this compilation infusing their styles into the project! This blend of sounds inevitably brings it on another level without mentionning Iron Shirt Veterans delivering ridiculous roller coasters! Frenk Dublin, Digital Monk, Steven Lorenz, Vael 21 (formely Outbound) and L Nix as always, dropping perfectly colored spectrums which preservs the flow progressing throughout the selection! Enjoy and stay tuned! This year is going to be humongous!

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