High Dude has been producing electronic music for many years, his knowledge and experience was put to good use on his latest project ‘Chosen Solitude’. Creative disciplines allows him to take a step back and put his thoughts and reflections in order. More than two years in the making, High Dude created a musical therapy to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.

The use of familiar yet very distinctive high-mid sounds on the overall project forms a dialectic of aesthetics between the coldness of industrial society and the warmth of nature’s organic sounds. The Textures and the tribal percussion like in ‘Hidden from the Masses’ are fundamental for the album. This will Narrow your focus to a core flow which will help you process this mighty palette of frequencies consistently evolving and moving forward, through time, across the entire album.

“For many, Solitude is scary. It’s not always easy to be alone with yourself. It takes a certain level of personal development to accept this solitude in a positive way. You must believe and trust in yourself, only then Solitude becomes a strength. ‘Chosen solitude’ is the result of a long road to self-recognition, which necessarily involves self-love, self-knowledge and self-acceptance which then allows acceptance and appreciation of others.”

High dude perceive music and sounds with shapes and colors (synesthesia). Depending on the sound properties and configuration, more detailed the sound is, more detailed and clear becomes the mental image of the sound you perceive. While most of the tunes could be played in a club with ease, it’s with the combination of field recordings, Foley work and voice-acting that High dude manages to make his audience intrigued and hooked from beginning to end. Like if we were listening or watching an audio-mental-abstract-visual hybrid project with the ultimate goal of helping ourselves. As the final scene untitled ‘Omo Gon Oson’ says, all of me for all of us, may we meet again, in the next chapter.

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