This is the last ISR release of the year 2020. The fam stays united and stronger than ever, the support and the love we’ve been receiving is unreal! We’ve accomplished so much this year and the support from dubheadz around the world is what keeps us going, it’s what motivates us for what’s next and where we want to go.

The Dias Muerte EP by Jaswan represents the end and the start of a new exciting chapter for ISR. We are proud and very humbled to be able to share this project with you. A mixture of trip hop textures and dubstep percussive patterns carved in a grandiose stumbling frequency realm. It grabs your soul out of your flesh, it drags you up and down like if Jaswan was a marionette’s puppeteer and you became the puppet. He manages to combine energetic flows with smooth yet almost ironic melodies.

Dias Muerte – “Day Of The Dead”, you believe in the sound, Jaswan physically guides his listener from the get go, why reject this once in a year opportunity? The organic feels and the controlled imperfections is what forges Jaswan‘s authentic sound to be so exclusive. This is exactly what we are looking to promote in the upcoming year. Mystically mysterious, maliciously harmful and breathtaking asphyxia, the marrionettist toying around with a complete peace of mind.

We wish you all the best considering the circumstances. Whether you’re new or you’ve been following us for a while. We promise to come back with a forceful 2021 like every previous years. Bless!

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