His first LP on ISR was called “Two Skies” released in 2018 ! Today, Split makes a huge come back with another massive 14 track project! Split always conserved his style but was able to perfect it throughout the years. Watching him evolve puts a smile on our faces, especially when a project like this one comes to fruition.

Three words to describe Split’ sound: Diversity, Distinction, Contradiction.
While most of the tunes are made for rewinds, it’s essential to notice their respective counter reflections. From organic to rough electrical frequencies, a strong contradiction takes place. If done right, shifting between cold and warmer tunes can form a perfect blend. We crave for the next big drop while Split convinces us it’s worth the wait. Appreciate the moment, patience, relax, .. a grandiose tune or two before it hits again! A Dream Catcher’s purpose put into a 14 track dreamway vortex alongside re-visited adaptations by L Nix and new and upcoming artist Reigamortis. Keep an eye on him 😉

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